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Business school students achieved excellent results in the 2023 CGMA Business Elite International Challenge (Liaoning Division)

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In order to further implement the practical education concept of the college, expand students' professional knowledge, deepen the integration of industry and education and school enterprise cooperation, on the morning of July 11th, a delegation of 15 teachers and students from the School of Business and the School of Intellectual Property visited and visited the Container Terminal Branch of Liaogang Holdings (Yingkou) Co., Ltd. and Yingkou COSCO Shipping Baifengtai Logistics Co., Ltd.

During the visit to the container terminal branch of Liaogang Holdings (Yingkou) Co., Ltd., the company leader led the college students to visit the port's cargo transportation, loading and unloading, stacking and other processes on site, and explained in detail to the college students the operation and functions of equipment such as cranes, stackers, and pulleys during the container loading and unloading process. Subsequently, the company leader led the faculty and students of the college into the central control room of the container terminal and demonstrated to the students the logistics process of the terminal containers, including the entry of goods into the port, pre registration, container yard loading and unloading, transportation loading and unloading, ship departure, and other related control operations. In the remote control room, the company leader explained the operating principle of the remote control room and introduced to the students the infrared scanning, sensors, remote recognition technology, etc. involved in the 24-hour uninterrupted loading and unloading and stacking of containers through automated operations in the remote control room. They encouraged the students to study their business, improve their skills, and bravely shoulder the responsibility of the times.

During the visit to Yingkou COSCO Shipping Baifengtai Logistics Co., Ltd., the company leader warmly welcomed the faculty and students of the college, and introduced the company's core business to them, such as full grain supply chain services, futures delivery services, multimodal transportation and transfer services, helping the faculty and students understand the company's basic overview and main business scope. Subsequently, the company leader led the faculty and students of the college to visit the storage warehouse for corn, soybeans, and other grains, and introduced the precautions for harvesting, warehousing, and transportation of bulk grains to the faculty and students, helping them further understand the important role of logistics and warehousing in the supply chain.

Through this enterprise visit, we have further promoted cooperation and exchange between the institute and enterprises in areas such as talent cultivation and internship employment. Next, the School of Business and the School of Intellectual Property will continue to organize visits to enterprises for job development, enterprise internships, and township secondments to provide assistance in achieving the goal of cultivating outstanding business talents with practical roots.

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