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Guo YongxinSecretaryPreside over the comprehensive work of the college party committee, responsible for personnel talent (A corner) and cadre team construction, and assist in managing internationalization (B corner)
Li TongVice Dean (in charge)Lead the comprehensive administrative work of the college, responsible for internationalization (A corner), disciplines (laboratory construction), undergraduate training, finance, and local services (industrial college and supervisory officer college)
Hong YongVice DeanResponsible for scientific research, graduate enrollment and training, and assisting in managing personnel talent (B corner)
Luo Li

Deputy Secretary and

Vice President

In charge of ideological and political education and daily management for college students, undergraduate enrollment and employment for college students, promoting ideology and ideology, safety and stability, alumni and foundations, trade unions, and united front work, and assisting in managing organizational work

Lian Bo

Director of the

Comprehensive Office

Comprehensive administrative work, financial work, internationalization work, personnel work, graduate academic management,
Wang Changyou

Director of Student

Affairs Office

Daily ideological and political education, employment guidance, and other student work for undergraduate
Ding XiaomeiParty committee organizerCollege Party building work, disciplinary inspection work, propaganda and ideology, united front work, college scientific research work, college information construction and management, trade union work, and talent introduction
Zhao BoInstructorYouth League Committee, Student Union, Enrollment Promotion, and Other Student
Guo YutingComprehensive office staffUndergraduate academic affairs (including external teacher management), graduation management in practical teaching, and innovation

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