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The School of Business and the School of Intellectual Property hold the 2023 Graduates Celebration and Buffet Party

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In order to further create a warm and rich atmosphere for the graduation season and strengthen the education of patriotism and honor for graduates, on the evening of June 19th, the School of Business and the School of Intellectual Property held the 2023 Graduates Celebration and Cold Dinner at the front square of C03 College Building. More than 200 college teachers and 2023 graduates attended the event, creating a lively atmosphere.

At the beginning of the event, Zhao Bo, Deputy Secretary and Vice Dean of the Party Branch of the college, delivered a toast, representing all the teachers of the college to send earnest instructions and sincere blessings to the 2023 graduates. He hoped that the college graduates could inherit the red genes of the university in their future career development, remember the business spirit of "rooted in practice and pursuing excellence", and strive to become young people of the new era with ideals and aspirations, real talents and practical learning.

The graduation party began with the song "Darkness", followed by 10 rich and diverse song and dance performances. "Days on Beijing East Road" sparked a chorus of farewell thoughts from teachers and students on site. Chao Miaomiao, the counselor for the 2023 graduates of the college, expressed her sincere wishes and earnest expectations to the graduates with "Borrow Me". The celebration reached its climax with the college teachers singing the song "There are so many people in this world".

The smoke and fire of the human world are the most soothing to the hearts of ordinary people. Zibo barbecue with tempting colors, chilled and refreshing sparkling soda, refreshing and thirst quenching watermelon, various fried foods crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, exquisite and tempting college cakes, and a dazzling array of seasonal fruits... College teachers and students freely shuttle around the food table, select their favorite foods, share their graduation insights, and tell each other's stories.

At the end of the graduation party, college graduates make an appointment to write their own wishes on a wishing board and hang them high on a wishing tree, presenting their dreams and wishes to the distance. Wherever there is a departure, there must be an arrival. The 2023 Graduates Celebration and Buffet Party of the School of Business and the School of Intellectual Property have come to a successful end. Wishing all graduates a happy graduation, a bright future, riding the wind and waves, and pursuing their dreams for the future!

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