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Professor Wang Qingwei from Cardiff University in the UK teaches an introductory course for undergraduate students majoring in Economics

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On the afternoon of March 22nd, Wang Qingwei, Professor of Finance at the Business School of Cardiff University in the UK, Director of the China Business Research Center at Cardiff University, Co Director of the Cardiff Financial Technology Research Center, Editorial Board Member of the British Accounting Review, Deputy Editor in Chief of the European Journal of Finance, Finance Research Letters, and Visiting Editor in Chief of the European Journal of Finance "Fintech and Financial Markets" special issue, gave an Introduction to Economics and Business to 2022 undergraduate students at the Business School on A01-N205, with the theme of "Behavioral Finance Research".

Professor Wang Qingwei guided students to think and introduce the core content of the course with the question "Will irrational investors affect asset prices?" He introduced behavioral finance related theories such as noise trader risk, negative effects of investor sentiment, and VIX based cross-sectional trading strategies. By citing cases of dining in restaurants and the Keynesian beauty pageant, we have analyzed and explained the phenomenon of the "herd effect", where people are influenced by the behavior of others and exhibit consistent behavior. Professor Wang Qingwei, based on theories such as market participant behavior patterns and positive feedback trader strategies, focused on explaining the measurement of investor attention, analyzing the differences between objective probability and subjective probability in prospect theory, and using the data mining bias phenomenon in Buffett's case to construct a relevant knowledge framework for behavioral finance for students. At the end of the course, Professor Wang Qingwei answered everyone's questions about behavioral finance, encouraging everyone to be good at discovery, diligent in thinking, and happy in scientific research.

In this introduction class, Professor Wang Qingwei focused on the theme of "Behavioral Finance Research" and guided students to deeply think and understand behavioral finance through a combination of theory and case studies. This helped students build a theoretical foundation for behavioral finance while gaining a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of their own profession, laying a solid foundation for future learning and research.

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