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Mid-term Inspection Arrangement for 2024 Undergraduate Graduation Design (Thesis) of Business School

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According to the Notice on the Work Arrangement of the 2024 Graduation Thesis (Design) and the Notice on the Mid-term Inspection of the 2024 Graduation Thesis (Design) issued by the Academic Affairs Office of Dalian University of Technology, combined with the progress of the 2024 undergraduate thesis work of the college, and based on the personal self-examination of students and the inspection of guidance teachers in the early stage, the college has scheduled a mid-term inspection of the 2024 undergraduate thesis work in the 8th week of the teaching week. The specific arrangement is as follows:

1. Organizational form

(1) The college shall coordinate and organize in a unified manner, using on-site inspections;

(2) Group each major and arrange professional teachers for mid-term inspections.

2. Time arrangement

The time is from April 16th to 19th, please refer to the attachment for the order. Students are requested to prepare the materials to be submitted and participate in the inspection on time.

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