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racticing the original aspiration, building a strong country with me - The summer social practice of "Business Knowledge Goes Together · Dreaming in Jingbin" has come to a successful end

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Contemporary Chinese youth are a generation that moves forward together with the new era, born in a prosperous era and shouldering heavy responsibilities. The practice group of the School of Business and the School of Intellectual Property "Business Knowledge Peer · Jingbin Dreams", led by Bloomberg teachers, went to Beijing from July 17th to 21st and spent five days visiting seven well-known enterprises, involving Internet technology, real estate construction, retail e-commerce and other fields. This summer practice witnessed the concept of "theory and practice running parallel, speed and quality advancing together" of both schools and enterprises, showcasing the high spirited and ambitious spirit of university students, as well as their dedication to serving the country.

Be down-to-earth and have the courage to take the lead. On the afternoon of July 17th, the practice team walked into the Beijing Company of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau in Daxing District, Beijing. From creating "Shenzhen speed" as a synonym for China's reform and opening up, to creating "China speed" and building Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals in more than ten days and nights, the practical team members witnessed the feat of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau through a photo wall, and learned about the company's "3553" talent training plan and management trainee recruitment plan.

Innovative technology, delivering kindness. On the morning of July 18th, the practice team came to Shenzhen Shenxin Technology Co., Ltd. to understand the company's development goals and strategies based on talent cultivation. Through sharing experiences with alumni and senior students, the practical team members have deeply realized the importance of self-directed learning. On the afternoon of July 18th, the practice team visited Beijing Shansuo Technology Co., Ltd. to gain a deeper understanding of the company's work environment, corporate culture, and more. Watch the short film "You Don't Believe" at the symposium, and send employees real stories to break social prejudices and reshape the values of "having good intentions".

Collaborative innovation, convenient for people's livelihood. On the afternoon of July 19th, the practice team arrived at Meituan Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and visited Meituan's multifunctional exhibition hall. Through understanding Meituan's development history, technological culture, and social values, the practice team members witnessed the rise and development of Meituan.

Work hard and strive for excellence. On the morning of July 20th, the practice team visited Beike Zhaofang (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in Beijing in 2001, the company has become the leader of Internet intermediary platforms. At the symposium, alumni and senior students expressed that "our company is diligent, dedicated, friendly, and worthy of respect", demonstrating the value and confidence of the enterprise.

Empowering innovation and working together towards the future. On the morning of July 21st, the practical team visited JD Group and visited the three major sectors of e-commerce, finance, and logistics that JD has comprehensively laid out. They gained a detailed understanding of the company's management trainee plan, JD YOUNG intern plan, and job recruitment process. On the afternoon of July 21st, the practice team arrived at China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau Beijing Company. The company leaders introduced the company's history and achievements since its establishment, while the company's youth representatives introduced campus recruitment information and company specific activities.

The five-day visit and research of Beijing enterprises, which aimed to serve the country with lofty aspirations and pursue dreams day and night, has successfully concluded. In order to successfully complete this social practice, the pre departure practice team held multiple meetings to implement the division of labor among team members, planned travel routes, trained on news writing and photo shooting methods, fully understood the company's background and employment needs during the visit, formulated interview questions and survey questionnaires, and summarized and recorded the practical results and insights of the day through platforms such as websites, WeChat, QQ, and Weibo. Through this business trip to China, students from Shangzhi will learn from their professional experience, clarify their future plans, and compose a song of youth in the name of youth.

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