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Notice on the Recruitment of Dean's Assistant to the Hospital

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In order to further strengthen the construction of the talent team for business school cadres and reserve cadres, in accordance with the "Regulations on the Selection and Appointment of Party and Government Leading Cadres" and the "Detailed Rules for the Selection and Appointment of Party and Government Leading Cadres of the Dalian University of Technology Committee of the Communist Party of China" and other rules and regulations, combined with the actual situation of the college, the selection and appointment of assistant deans within the college is now launched.

1、 Candidate requirements

(1) Basic conditions

1. With firm ideals and beliefs, possessing high ideological and political qualities and political theory level. Resolutely implement the Party's theory, line, principles, and policies, firmly establish the "four consciousnesses", strengthen the "four confidences", and achieve the "two safeguards". Having a global perspective and a spirit of reform and innovation, adept at uniting comrades.

2. Adhere to the comprehensive leadership of the Party over educational work. Adhere to the socialist direction of education, uphold moral education, uphold the guiding position of Marxism in the ideological field of universities, act in accordance with laws and regulations, be familiar with higher education work and related policies and regulations, and resolutely implement the resolutions and decisions of superiors, schools, and colleges.

3. Have a good ideological, work, lifestyle, and academic style, abide by professional ethics, set a good example for others, possess the necessary professional knowledge and professional qualities to be competent in job responsibilities, and have the organizational ability to be competent in leadership work. Be honest and upright, abide by rules and discipline, and resolutely implement the spirit of the Central Eight point Regulations.

(2) Appointment qualifications

1. Each term is three years, and those who cannot serve for one term and reach the statutory retirement age will not be considered (the statutory retirement age is subject to the national regulations at the time of change). Adhere to the guidance of cultivating and utilizing outstanding young cadres, and actively promote the rejuvenation of the cadre team.

2. In principle, one should have a professional and technical title of deputy senior or above.

3. Physical and mental health, with normal physical conditions for performing duties.

2、 Number of selected positions

One assistant to the dean of the business school.

3、 Related requirements

Interested applicants are requested to fill out the personnel resume (see attachment) and send it to their email on April 20th dingxiaomei@dlut.edu.cn If there are recommended candidates, you can also send the recommended candidate information to your email dingxiaomei@dlut.edu.cn .

Contact number: 0427-2631267

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April 17, 2024

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